Yoga & Meditation

With regular practice of Yoga or Meditation you can calm your mind, strengthen your body and allow your soul to shine by providing you with an inner journey of peace and joy.

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Soul Guidance

Soul Guidance sessions are available to clear unwanted negative energies and situations from your being allowing you to surrender into compassion, love and grace for yourself.

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Heal It with Heal-X

Use Heal-X items to increase the Chi or Life Force Energy in and around your body, mind and spirit helping to protect, balance, harmonise and heal.

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My Vision:

My mission is to help others create a new life force energy as well as find their personal dharma (or path in life), sacredness, and joy within while nurturing themselves in daily life.

This is achieved through my knowledge and many years of personal practice and study of Meditation and Yoga. I also provide Counselling / Life Coaching, Art Therapy, Homeopathy and offer techniques which nourish and nurture your well-being.




Your Next Step…

To enquire about classes, workshops, retreats or personal sessions please feel free to contact me.



Yoga & Meditation

Yoga Classes available morning and evenings for beginners and intermediate levels.

Yoga personal sessions for those wanting to improve or understand the knowledge around the Yoga Asanas, or poses.

Meditation sessions for those wanting to have a personalised Mediation session designed for their home practise.

For further information regarding Yoga or Meditation please go to Services page.


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Soul Guidance

If you have concern, stress or challenges around relationships, family, marriage or partnership, anxiety, depression, abuse, life path, or self-development, a personal session offering you guidance and techniques to support and nourish could be beneficial.

For further information regarding Soul Guidance please go to Services page.

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All Heal-X© items such as the small, medium and large Heal-X, the Healing Spiral, the Pyramid and Tensor rings are created based on the measurements of the Pyramids in Egypt. Place them on painful body parts, over chakras, around arms and legs, under the head, or wherever you are feeling pain, distress or depleted energy. You can also use them to negate EMF’s, enhance meditation, relaxation and sleep.

For further information regarding Heal-X items please go to Services page.

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